Features that help you scale your drop-off catering without hiring or bogging down staff.

Streamline Your Ordering Process

Ordering Optimized for Catering

Using a restaurant system for catering makes things clumsy for clients and requires too many workarounds. HoneyCart fixes this.
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Set Delivery & Pickup Times

Set days and times clients can choose to order for. Block off specific dates & times when you’re unavailable.
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Delivery Fees

Charge a standard delivery fee or customize your fees based on zip code.
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Easily upload menus without contacting support. Set minimum quantities, option choices & prevent special requests as needed.
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Lead Times

Prevent last-minute orders by setting the lead time you need for each order (i.e 2 hours, 48 hours, day before by 5PM).
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Block Orders Outside Delivery Area

Enter the zip codes you deliver to, and block orders that are outside your delivery area.
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Date Specific Menus

Set specific dates or days of the week when a menu is available (i.e Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Taco Tuesday’s, Seasonal).
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Automated Catering Policies

Automate your catering policies to prevent last-minute changes and enforce late-cancellation fees.
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Multiple Order Types

Set different policies, delivery/pickup times and fees for each type of order you offer (i.e delivery, pickup, holiday).
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Increase Sales & Drive Repeat Orders

Minimum Order Amounts

Set an amount that must be spent on certain days and times (i.e set higher amounts on weekends and Mon-Fri after 5PM).
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Admin Fees

Add admin fees to each order. Flat amount or percentage-based. Charge the fee every time or only on last-minute orders/changes
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Send Proposals

Send proposals to clients for them to approve and pay for online. Proposal becomes an order immediately after client approves.
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Discount Codes

Use discount codes to drive sales via email, ads & social media campaigns. Great for attracting new customers or holiday promos.
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Credit Card Fees

Add a percentage-based fee to credit card orders. Name the fee whatever you like and show an explanation for the fee at checkout.
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Sales Reports & Client Metrics

Download sales data across customers & menu items. View client metrics like Avg. Amount Spent, Order Frequency, Total Lifetime Revenue.
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Loyalty Rewards & Amazon Gift Cards

Drive repeat business by letting clients earn rewards they can use for Amazon Gift Cards and future orders.
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Corporate Billing

Automatically send a single invoice to large "house accounts" for all of their orders. Keep a credit card on file for automated billing.
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Boost Productivity

Collect & Store Credit Cards

Capture cards when order is placed, store them safely for future orders. Charge cards manually or automatically. Charge deposits.
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Email & Text Alerts

Automated email & text alerts sent to staff and clients for order confirmations, changes, charges, and cancellations.
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Self-service Client Portal

Give clients a self-service login to change & cancel orders, view billing history and manage payment options.

Kitchen Prep Reports & Work Orders

Download production reports to save kitchen staff time. Work orders are attached to all email alerts and can be downloaded when needed.
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Order Ratings

Get feedback after each order. Ask for Google/Yelp reviews if they're happy, or apologize, offer discount if they're not.
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Use Square as your credit card payment processor. Sync HoneyCart catering orders to Square's Dashboard.
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HoneyCart uses Twilio to send text message alerts to staff and clients. You pay monthly for a Phone Number and a fee per text message.
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Stripe is HoneyCart's main credit card payment processor. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 for every transaction.
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HoneyCart integrates with the Amazon Incentives API so your customers can redeem reward points for electronic Amazon Gift Cards.
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Keep your QuickBooks Online account in sync with orders and payments generated by HoneyCart.
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HoneyCart integrates with Google Analytics 4 so you can track customer activity & ecommerce events in GA4.
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