Boost Profits & Save Time

We help drop-off caterers save time & make money.

Every feature in HoneyCart is designed to streamline each part of the drop-off catering process so you can save time & make more money.

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    Streamline Your Ordering Process

    Make it easy for clients to order 24/7.

    • Stop missing out on orders.
    • Eliminate back-and-forth emails and calls.
    • Run a leaner, more organized & profitable operation.

    Streamline Your Ordering Process

    Online Ordering

    Easy, convenient way to take catering orders 24/7. Just add a link to your website & social that takes clients to your custom ordering site.

    Set Delivery & Pickup Times

    Set days and times clients can choose to order for. Block off specific dates & times when you’re unavailable.

    Delivery Fees

    Charge a standard delivery fee or customize your fees based on zip code.


    Easily upload menus without contacting support. Set minimum quantities, option choices & prevent special requests as needed.

    Lead Times

    Prevent last-minute orders by setting the lead time you need for each order (i.e 2 hours, 48 hours, day before by 5PM).

    Block Orders Outside Delivery Area

    Enter the zip codes you deliver to, and block orders that are outside your delivery area.

    Date Specific Menus

    Set specific dates or days of the week when a menu is available (i.e Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Taco Tuesday’s).

    Automated Catering Policies

    Automate your catering policies to prevent last-minute changes and enforce late-cancellation fees.

    Multiple Order Types

    Set different policies, delivery/pickup times and fees for each type of order you offer (i.e delivery, pickup, holiday).

    "If we weren’t open, customers couldn’t order... Without a doubt, I feel like we definitely lost business.

    There are people that I don’t even have to talk to now. They just place their order... Now I wake up in the morning, I check my emails and there are usually three or four new orders."

    Hilda Dibe
    Owner, Nicholas Restaurant
    Boost Productivity

    Why pay a human to take orders? Automate instead.

    • Save up to 15 hours per week of manual work.
    • Streamline operations from front to back of the house.
    • Let the client “drive” and automate the rest.
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    Boost Productivity

    Collect & Store Credit Cards

    Capture cards when order is placed, store them safely for future orders. Charge cards manually or automatically. Charge deposits.

    Email & Text Alerts

    Automated email & text alerts sent to staff and clients for order confirmations, changes, charges, and cancellations.

    Self-service Client Portal

    Give clients a self-service login to change & cancel orders, view billing history and manage payment options.

    Production Reports & Work Orders

    Download production reports to save kitchen staff time. Work orders are attached to all email alerts and can be downloaded when needed.

    Quickbooks Online Integration

    Keep your QuickBooks Online account in sync with orders and payments generated by HoneyCart.

    Order Ratings

    Get feedback after each order. Ask for Google/Yelp reviews if they're happy, or apologize, offer discount if they're not.

    Portions Reports & Packing Lists

    Prep & fulfill orders faster by knowing the exact portions needed for each order on any given date.

    "[Once the pandemic hit] I had less staff having to do way MORE things, and entering orders by hand didn’t make sense when the customer could do it themselves.

    The system lets the client drive and do all of the work. We simply review and approve. This was one hourly person’s entire job."

    Jim Lenz
    Co-owner, Two Unique Catering
    Increase Sales & Profits

    Use automation to drive sales & profits.

    • Increase order size.
    • Get more repeat clients.
    • Drive marketing campaigns.

    Increase Sales & Profits

    Minimum Order Amounts

    Set an amount that must be spent on certain days and times (i.e set higher amounts on weekends and Mon-Fri after 5PM).

    Admin Fees

    Add admin fees to each order. Flat amount or percentage-based. Charge the fee every time or only on last-minute orders/changes

    Discount Codes

    Use discount codes to drive sales via email, ads & social media campaigns. Great for attracting new customers or holiday promos.

    Credit Card Fees

    Add a percentage-based fee to credit card orders. Name the fee whatever you like and show an explanation for the fee at checkout.

    Sales Reports & Client Metrics

    Download sales data across customers & menu items. View client metrics like Avg. Amount Spent, Order Frequency, Total Lifetime Revenue.

    Loyalty Rewards & Amazon Gift Cards

    Drive repeat business by letting clients earn rewards they can use for Amazon Gift Cards and future orders.

    Corporate Billing

    Automatically send a single invoice to large "house accounts" for all of their orders. Keep a credit card on file for automated billing.

    "My sales have seen a boost for sure because with all that extra time, I’m able to work more on marketing and fulfilling more orders than before."

    Elizabeth Choto
    Founder, Graze Dat Catering

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