All About HoneyCart

HoneyCart automates the entire process of taking online orders for ambitious caterers. Learn why we do what we do — and the brains who make it possible.

How it All Started

In the summer of 2018, two handsome-looking entrepreneurs met with caterers in the DC area. The conversation that ensued revealed that even though these caterers had big ambitions, very few of them offered an easy way to accept drop-off catering orders online.

Since our previous software startup specialized in online booking, we had a gut-feeling we could apply our skills to solving this problem for caterers and the catering industry at large.

And HoneyCart was born.

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Our Why Story

Some years back, ambitious Will Smith (starred as Robert Clayton Dean) was in a movie called “Enemy of the State.” In one scene, Will is being chased through the streets by helicopters, cops, cars, etc. All the while, a room full of computer experts tracked his every move using satellites and super-computers.
That’s exactly what we imagine it’s like with big corporations who have tons of $$$$ to build powerful systems and hire an army of nerds. It’s difficult for ambitious, drop-off caterers (like Will Smith in Enemy of the State) to survive.
We started HoneyCart in 2018 because we wanted to put that type of power in the hands of small businesses. Caterers, to be precise. Our goal is to level the playing field, and do it for a fair price.
Specifically, we saw caterers being underserved when it came to this huge shift to consumers wanting to do and buy everything online. So, we took up the hardwork of transforming how caterers, and the industry at large, can keep pace and thrive with a commission-free catering order automation software.
We built HoneyCart for this...
“ I love how I can make instant changes and updates to my menus without having to email someone to do it and waiting for days. I’m 100% in charge of my menu, my prices, and order volume.”
Linda Estrada
Co-Owner, My Taco Guy Catering

Level the playing field for caterers to fight back & remain in business.

Remove the need to pay commissions to third-party sites on each online order.

Eliminate back-and-forth manual processes and become more efficient with technology.

Give caterers an easier way to automate online orders with 100% control.

Our Vision

We believe “taking orders online” is just the beginning. Our mission is to streamline as much of the drop-off catering order process as possible to help businesses sell more and save as much time as possible.

This means we’re continuously focused on: Improving how catering customers order and pay for food without having to talk to somebody. And understanding what takes up caterers’ time and what can make them more profitable

Andrew Woo

Co-founder & CEO

Omar Santana

Co-founder & COO

HoneyCart is 95% cheaper than hiring, includes a money-back guarantee and you'll be ready to take orders in 48 hrs.