The Catering Order Automation Cheatsheet

Fix The 5 Biggest Bottlenecks That Slow Your Business Down

For Caterers who want to:

This Cheatsheet takes 5 mins to read and shows you how to:

Trusted by Leading Caterers & Top Brands Across the US

With the Catering Order Automation Cheatsheet, you’ll see how easy it is to eliminate bottlenecks so you save time and make ordering easier for clients.

After you automate these areas, you’ll start seeing orders & payments appear in your inbox without clients having to call or email you.

It’ll save your short-handed team tons of time, free them to focus on events, and make ordering a breeze for your busy clients.

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Here's what some of our customers had to say...

“It has been amazing to have orders come in while we are at meetings, site visits, etc knowing that normally they would have been calls or emails we would have had to deal with.”
Julie Ellis
The Chef's Table Catering & Events
Marshfield, MA
“The time I spent processing orders has been cut by over 80% and it’s been such a relief and help to have more time on my hands.”
Elizabeth Choto
Founder, Graze Dat Catering
New Orleans, LA
"Now I’m spending less time processing orders, and customers love how easy it is to place an order. No more back and forth via email."
Linda Estrada
Founder, My Taco Guy Catering
Los Angeles, CA
“HoneyCart has been a Game-Changer for our catering operation! I have saved so much in labor costs, and Omar has been fantastic to work with. My customers love the program because they can log in and see their account history and pull past invoices for their accounting needs.”
Lisa Elder
Operations Manager
Culinary WAVE Catering
Westminster, CO
“HoneyCart automates mundane tasks to allow us to use our time as efficiently as possible. It truly enables small caterers to compete with larger companies by having a really professional and easy to use online ordering system.”
Abbey Duke
Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap Catering
South Burlington,VT
“HoneyCart has made the online ordering process more streamlined and 100% self-service, which leads us to a much quicker turn around on delivery and pickup orders.”
Jessica Nguyen
Kaspars Catering
Seattle, WA

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