Watch The Video Below To See How HoneyCart Works

See how easy it is for customers to order, automate your policies & confirm the order before charging their credit card.

  • Offer Different Types of Orders (i.e drop-off, pickup, holidays) that can each have their own menus, times & catering policies (0:17)
  • Set the Lead Time you need before clients can order (0:37)
  • Set a Minimum Order Amount for different times of day or days of week (1:35)
  • Set Delivery/Pickup Times that clients can choose from (2:38)
  • Date-specific Menus that are only available for certain dates or days of the week (4:15)
  • Set a standard Delivery Fee or calculate the fee based on zip code (5:30)
  • Confirmation emails automatically emailed to you and the client (9:14)
  • Captures Credit Card when order is placed, but doesn’t charge it so you can Confirm the Order before actually charging the card (10:20)

HoneyCart is 95% cheaper than hiring, includes a money-back guarantee and you'll be ready to take orders in 48 hrs.