How It Works

Learn what HoneyCart is and how it makes self-service catering orders possible.

What is HoneyCart?

HoneyCart is an online ordering system that makes your catering orders 100% self-service, and automates time-wasting tasks your sales team & kitchen hate doing.

Old Way 😩:

Customers "Submit Inquiry" or call to order

New Way 🤩:

Your Calendar & Policies baked into an easy ordering process

Why is HoneyCart better than other systems?

Most systems are POS made for restaurant orders: you can't control your calendar or catering policies... so you still end up having to talk to customers. HoneyCart fixes all of this.

How HoneyCart Works

After you customize HoneyCart, customers click a link on your website to order, pick a date & pay online. You manage orders and download kitchen prep sheets inside HoneyCart.

Step 1:

Customize Your Settings

Enter a few basic things about your process into HoneyCart.

Step 2:

Send Customers to Your Menu

1) Customers click a link on your website that takes them to your HoneyCart menu.

2) They choose a Date, Order & Pay. Your automated policies prevent overbooking & last-minute orders.

3) You and the Customer get an email/text alert that the Order was received

4) You control when the Credit Card is charged

Step 3:

Phone Orders & Proposals

Staff can create Orders & send Proposals when customers need them.

1) Staff see same menu, dates & enters same info that customers do

2) Staff can make exceptions to dates, times & fees etc.

3) Send Proposal to a Customer via email to accept & pay.

4) System automates all order confirmation, reminders & invoices for staff.

Step 4:

Manage Orders & Download Kitchen Prep Sheets

Just takes a few clicks to manage orders & download reports you need.

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