Automate with HoneyCart

Spend less time processing orders manually, for good

Streamline your entire online ordering processes with HoneyCart. Eliminate back-and-forth emails and calls, save time typing orders into spreadsheets or forms.

    Automate the entire ordering processes

    HoneyCart makes it super easy to automate your entire drop-off catering operations for increased productivity and operations efficiency. Save time doing manual work, focus on catering.

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    Swift menu changes

    Easily create and update your online menus, by yourself

    Unlike 3rd party sites, HoneyCart lets you make quick changes to your online menu items and prices conveniently, without waiting for outside help.

    Automate order policies

    Prompt different order policies, as you desire

    Automate policies a customer sees based on order type, amount, or when they place an online order. For example, charge “extra $$” using Admin Fees if the order is a “rush order” placed X hours before delivery time.

    "HoneyCart automates mundane tasks to allow us to use our time as efficiently as possible.

    It truly enables small caterers to compete with larger companies by having a really professional and easy to use online ordering system."

    Abbey Duke
    Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap
    Automate ordering options

    Take online orders how you want, when you want

    Don’t worry about routing the right customer accounts to the right reps when they order online. With HoneyCart’s auto-assignment feature, you can route order types or customer accounts to specific salespeople.

    Take control

    Control when online orders can be picked up/delivered

    Choose your hours of operations/availability (i.e days/times of day, specific date/time, etc). Set ordering times to control when orders will be fulfilled; so you don’t hurt clients with order rejections.

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    "Now I’m spending less time processing orders, and customers love how easy it is to place an order.

    No more back and forth via email. They simply go to our website, browse the menu and place their order-- I receive, confirm and print. DONE!"

    Linda Estrada
    Founder, My Taco Guy Catering

    More automation features

    Min Order Quantities

    Automate the minimum required for specific items on your online menu to ensure customers always order enough.

    Create/update ordering policies

    Create, update, and assign different ordering policies to different order types for when certain orders are placed.

    Production reports

    Save time inputting kitchen production reports into spreadsheets or docs. Get them auto-filled and ready for download based on online orders.

    Email Automations

    Automate email notifications to your team and clients for new orders, changes, charges, and cancellations.

    Self-service changes & cancellation

    Stop going back and forth with customers to adjust or cancel orders. Leave this to customers with HoneyCart's self-serve features.

    QuickBooks integration

    Integrate and keep your QuickBooks Online account in sync with orders and payments generated by HoneyCart.

    We're both serious about automating your catering operations. So let's make it official.
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