Replace ezCater with your own system for $5 per day.

Online Ordering built for caterers who are sick of ezCater taking their profits and clients.

Features like lead times, blackout dates and being able to charge cards later are designed for catering.”

Abbey Duke
Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap
Lead Time & Catering Policies

10x cheaper than paying ezCater commissions & fees.

Compare what you pay ezCater in commissions, fees & rewards to what HoneyCart charges.

  • Commission-free software that you own.
  • Flat-monthly billing starting at $79/month.
  • Cancel any time. No long term contracts. 
  • 30 day money-back guarantee.

Automate your lead times and policies

“HoneyCart is really the best investment we made. The cost can be made back in as little as one order. So no more giving up any commission to third parties for EACH order.”

Linda Estrada,
Co-owner, My Taco Guy Catering
100% Control Over Menus

Stop letting ezCater take your profits & clients.

  • Stop giving your hard-earned clients to ezCater.
  • Keep 100% of your profits.
  • Offer same convenience as ezCater does.
  • Reward clients with Amazon Gift Cards to keep them coming back to you instead of ezCater.
  • 100% control over client data, payments & menus.

Edit menus yourself & choose when to display them

“Features like lead times, blackout dates and being able to charge cards later are designed for catering.”
Abbey Duke,
Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap

Everything You Need to Replace ezCater

Easy Online Ordering

Easy, convenient way to take catering orders 24/7. Just add a link to your website & social that takes clients to your custom ordering site.


Easily upload menus without contacting support. Set dates or days when a menu is available (i.e holidays, Taco Tuesday’s).

Set Delivery & Pickup Times

Set days and times clients can choose to order for. Block off specific dates & times when you’re unavailable.

Loyalty Rewards & Amazon Gift Cards

Drive repeat business by letting clients earn rewards they can use for Amazon Gift Cards and future orders.

Collect & Store Credit Cards

Capture cards when order is placed, store them safely for future orders. Charge cards manually or automatically. Charge deposits.

Lead Times & Policies

Prevent last-minute orders by setting the lead time you need for each order (i.e 2 hrs). Enforce cancellation fees.

Order Ratings

Get feedback after each order. Ask for Google/Yelp reviews if they're happy, or apologize, offer discount if they're not.

Corporate Billing

Automatically send a single invoice to large "house accounts" for all of their orders. Keep a credit card on file for automated billing.

Self-service Client Portal

Give clients a self-service login to change & cancel orders, view billing history and manage payment options.

We were using ezCater on our website and receiving 30 orders a month from them. 90% of our business was repeat orders and half of them still went through ezCater.

It killed me knowing we had to share our profits with ezCater even though it was OUR FOOD customers loved, and all they did was process the order.

HoneyCart really is the best investment you can make. The cost can be made back in as little as one order. So no more needing to give up any commission to third parties for EACH order.

Linda Estrada
My Taco Guy Catering - Los Angeles, CA
Set Delivery & Pickup Times

Start taking orders in 48 hrs without lifting a finger.

With our Done-For-You Account Setup, you just send us your menus & catering policies and we’ll have you ready to take orders in 48 hrs:

  • Expert account configuration to fit your exact needs.
  • Menu Import so you don’t have to enter them yourself.
  • Show you where to put your ordering links to maximize most sales.

Set the times clients can place orders for

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“Using HoneyCart makes the ordering process so much easier! My customers can see exactly what’s available on which dates and customers can book in one seamless experience.”

Elizabeth Choto,
Founder, Graze Dat Catering
Client Self-Service login

Try risk-free with our 30 day money-back guarantee.

If you aren’t happy within the first 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund on your subscription.

Let clients login to make changes on their own

“Amazing support from the team behind HoneyCart! Super responsive and truly cares about making the product the best and most efficient it can be for our business.”
Jim Lenz,
Co-owner, Two Unique Catering
Collect & Store Credit Cards

Store credit cards and charge them only when you're ready

  • Capture cards when order is placed, store them safely for refunds & future orders.
  • Option to charge cards manually to allow staff to confirm orders after they’re placed.
  • Option to charge cards automatically before or after the event.

Store cards safely & decide when to charge them

“HoneyCart automates mundane tasks to allow us to use our time as efficiently as possible.”

Abbey Duke,
Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap

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HoneyCart is 10x cheaper than ezCater, includes a money-back guarantee and you'll be ready to take orders in 48 hrs.