HoneyCart for Sales Management

Drive online sales, manage catering orders, easily

Use HoneyCart to drive more sales via online ordering. With everything to manage orders and your customers from one dashboard.

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    Sell more in the new normal

    Take advantage of consumers’ increased preference for online ordering. Use HoneyCart to create online menus, automate online catering sales, manage orders and customers, easily.

    Boost sales productivity

    Free up time for you and your sales team

    HoneyCart lets you setup online menus, take orders, and drive online sales. Instead of calling to confirm orders, your team can now focus on other revenue-generating activities like prospecting, going after events, doing event tastings, etc.

    Stay in charge

    Regulate online orders and sales, whenever there's need to

    HoneyCart still gives you control over the entire online ordering process. Review orders, make changes, add upsells, regulate your availability, or reject orders – all before a customer gets charged.

    "We gave HoneyCart a try and found it was really easy to implement. Our customers liked how intuitive it was.

    It has features like lead times, blackout dates and being able to charge cards later designed specifically for catering."

    Abbey Duke
    Founder and CEO, Sugarsnap
    Painless account routing

    Auto-assign online orders to the right account reps

    Don’t worry about routing the right customer accounts to the right reps when they order online. With HoneyCart’s auto-assignment feature, you can route order types or customer accounts to specific salespeople.

    Stop chasing bills

    Focus on catering. Save time chasing customers and bills

    HoneyCart lets you collect necessary payment info when customers place online orders and charge them when you’re ready. Now you can stop chasing down customers for their credit card.

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    "I love so many features but the reports feature makes it so easy for me to see what’s needed on the backend in terms of supplies and orders to be made, and also allows me to print delivery information for my drivers."

    Elizabeth Choto
    Founder, Graze Dat Catering

    More sales features

    Sales reports

    Download your sales reports whenever you like. See what’s driving the most sales, how often a customer orders, and amount spent.

    Discount codes

    Run sales promos to increase order size, compensate, and retain customers longer.

    Credit Card & Admin Fees

    Easily add fees to online drop-off orders unique to your catering business – admin, service, credit card, parking fees, etc.

    Minimum order amounts

    Set dynamic minimum order amounts based on online order types, when placed (day, time), etc.

    Custom delivery fees

    Set standard delivery fees for online orders within your area of operation. Alter it as you wish based on zip codes.

    Loyalty rewards

    With HoneyCart, you can improve customer loyalty via simple-to-create rewards.

    Drive more sales for your catering business via online ordering. Try HoneyCart 14-day free.