Done-For-You Account Setup

Be ready to start taking orders in 48 hours with our Done-For-You account setup.

Who is the Account Setup for?

The account setup is for busy caterers who:

  • don’t have time to setup new software
  • can’t afford to put it off until “the slow season”
  • need to stop wasting labor/time/productivity now
  • can’t afford to keep losing sales when they can’t answer the phone

Is the setup worth it?

Our Done-For-You Expert Setup can save you from making a costly “two month” mistake that wastes your money, and could cause you to go back to doing things the old-school way.

Liz Choto of GrazeDat, a one-woman caterer based in New Orleans, found us in Sept 2020. She’s never had a website, only has social media, and does everything over text and DM.

She quickly setup her account on her own and was excited to see the orders roll in.

Then….crickets. Two months went by and NO ORDERS.

She was ready to quit by the end of Nov because people were still texting her to order and her business wasn’t getting easier.

Then in Dec 2020 she got 129 orders and hasn’t looked back since.

How two-minutes lead to 129 orders “over night”…

Our in-house expert Omar took a look at her social media to figure out what was going on.

In 2 mins, he discovered that she forgot to update her social media and was still telling people to “text to order”.

Omar quickly made a 5 min video explaining the problem and exactly WHERE and HOW to fix it. She fixed her links and told people to go there to order. She literally started receiving orders the next day.

What’s Included in the Setup:

Cost: $500

HoneyCart is 95% cheaper than hiring, includes a money-back guarantee and you'll be ready to take orders in 48 hrs.