Automated Catering Policies

Learn more about HoneyCart’s Automated Catering Policies feature.

Overview – Catering Policies

HoneyCart lets you set up different catering policies for each type of order you offer (i.e Delivery, Pickup, Holiday):

  • Lead Time (aka deadline for new orders)
  • Change Policy (deadline to make changes to an order)
  • Cancellation Policy & Fees

Minimum Order Amounts

Learn how to create minimum order amounts. This is based on the total amount of the order.

For example, if you have a $200.00 minimum order amount, HoneyCart will enforce that policy and will not let your client continue until they have met the min order amount.

Event Dates & Times

  • Control the event times customers can choose (i.e delivery, pickup times)
  • Block off days you don’t take orders
  • Close days you’re fully booked.

Event Time Windows (i.e 11:30AM-12PM)

  • Set the event times that customers can choose from to be windows (i.e 11:30AM – 12PM) instead of specific time slots.
  • Helpful for caterers who can’t promise an exact delivery time, but instead prefer to have delivery windows for more flexibility
  • Window can be set in minutes or hours, and can be set throughout any day of the week.

Add Admin/Service Fee to Orders

  • Automatically add an admin fee (i.e surcharge, service fee) to your orders during the checkout process.
  • Set different fees for different order types.
  • Staff can Change/Remove fees after order is placed when needed

Block Orders Outside Delivery Area

HoneyCart lets you prevent customers from placing orders online if they’re located outside of your service area.

You just enter a list of zip codes you service and anybody outside of the service area won’t be allowed to place orders. Instead, HoneyCart will show an error message to them that you can customize yourself.

As a failsafe, your staff can make an exception on a case-by-case basis if they need to allow an order through that’s outside the service area.

Set Order Cut-Off Time to Specific Day of Week

  • Perfect for weekly pickups/deliveries when need orders to be placed by a certain day of the week.
  • i.e you do weekly pickups for Wednesday and Thursday and need the cut off day for BOTH days to be Sunday @ 11PM

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