Online Catering Menus

Learn more about HoneyCart’s Catering Menus feature.

How to Create a Menu

This video will teach you how to set up your menus in your account. You will learn how to set up multiple menus and be able to add as many menus to your account as you like.

How to Create Menu Categories

In this video you will learn how to create different menu categories for each menu you create. You can have as many order categories as you like.

How to Create a Menu Item and Options

In this video, you will learn how to create menu items. You will be able to place a minimum guest count and add options or choices that come with the menu item, for flavors, size, style and for up sell options.

Date-Specific Catering Menus

Make your catering menus available for ordering only on the dates and/or days of the week you choose.

  • Rotate menus based on specific dates or days of the week
  • Customers see only what’s available for the date they choose
  • Great for weekly, monthly seasonal and holiday menus
  • Set availability for specific items or categories

Time-Based Restrictions for Menus

  • Add time restrictions to entire menus, specific categories or individual items so customers can only order for certain times of the day.
  • Perfect if you want to make sure breakfast items can only be ordered during breakfast times etc.

Add-On / Upsell Menus

Show your customers an “add-on” or “upsell” menu right before they place their order.

Upsell utensils, disposables, drinks or any other item that clients always forget to add to their order.

This is a great way to add some extra revenue and save your staff time from having to call the client back to see if they need these items.

Choose Quantity for Each Option Choice

Let customers choose the exact quantity of each option choice.

For example, if you sell sandwiches that the customer needs to choose between Turkey vs Roast Beef vs Ham vs Veggie etc, the system can let them choose the exact amount of each choice: 19 Turkey, 1 Veggie

Private Catering Menus

Create private online catering menus in HoneyCart so only certain customers can see it when they log into their account. The rest of the public won’t be able to see your private menus.

Prevent Items from being Oversold

Prevent items from being oversold when clients place orders online.

You can set inventory limits for any item on your menu to ensure that only a certain amount are ever sold on any given day:

  • Set a default inventory limit that’s available everyday.
  • Set inventory limits for specific days of the week, or specific dates.
  • When the limit is reached for an item, customers see it as “Sold out”, but won’t be able to order for that date.
  • Receive an email alert when you’re running low on inventory.

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