Online Ordering Built for Catering

Learn more about HoneyCart’s Online Ordering feature is optimized for catering orders.

Easy Ordering for Customers

See what it’s like when a customer places an order in HoneyCart.

Take Online Pre-Orders for Holiday Catering

Shows how to take online pre-orders for Holiday pickup/delivery catering using HoneyCart’s online ordering software for catering:

  • Take Normal Catering orders and Holiday pre-orders at the same time
  • Different Menus for Holiday vs Normal catering
  • Different Dates & Times for Holiday orders only
  • Different lead time / cut-off time for Holiday orders to be placed

The demo site referenced in the video is here.

Customize Your Checkout Form’s Text

HoneyCart lets caterers customize their checkout form for different types of orders.

If you offer a pickup vs drop-off option, you can customize the text on the checkout form specifically for pickup orders.

Add Custom Fields to your Order Form

Learn how to add custom fields to your HoneyCart online order form.

Not only can you add standard text, radio button and list fields, you can also add a file-upload field if you want tax-exempt customers to submit their tax-exempt certificates.

Add Custom Fields to Orders That Only Staff Can See

HoneyCart allows you to add custom fields that you only want your staff to see, or you only want certain client to see.

This feature is perfect for when need to add extra info to the order that doesn’t apply to every client that’s placing an order. For example:

  • Staff-Only  – you may have a “Kitchen Ready Time” that only your staff needs to know about and the client shouldn’t see.
  • Certain Customers – the client may want to attach a “Purchase Order Number” to the invoice you send them, so using this field allows you to add this to the order on a case-by-case basis.

Hide Number of Guests & Serving Time

By default, HoneyCart lets you ask customers to specify how many Guests the order is being placed for, and what their expected Serving Time is.

This is not always needed for every type of order, so you can now hide these fields from the customer during checkout.

Change Store Background Color

You can change the background color of your HoneyCart online catering ordering storefront to any color you want. The default color is white but some caterers may prefer to change it.

Custom Thank You Page

HoneyCart’s online ordering software for caterers lets you redirect clients to a custom Thank You Page url after they place an order.

This is useful if you run online ad campaigns and want to track conversion goals (I.e when someone makes a purchase).

Show Message on Storefront

Learn how to show announcements, messages and special notices to your clients on your HoneyCart storefront.

This is useful for:

  • “Coming Soon” message
  • Promoting specials & rewards
  • Reminding clients about Instructions you want them to follow

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