How Witt Pit BBQ Automated 226 Holiday Catering Orders


  • Witt Pit BBQ – Rosenberg, TX
  • Shaunna & Randy Witt
  • Started in 1999 doing corporate catering, opened restaurant in 2015

Biggest Pain: Calculating Food to Prep

Shaunna struggled to keep catering orders organized to figure out how much food to prep ahead of time.

But she spent 5-10 hours per week printing out each invoice and creating spreadsheets to figure out what food to prep and inventory to order

Solution: Automated Kitchen Prep Reports

HoneyCart lets you:

  • Track ingredient “portions” for each item on your menu and
  • Keeps a total for how much food you need across all orders for any given date.

Now Shaunna downloads the Kitchen Report to know how much meat to prep based on how many brisket orders went to each customer.

Result: 226 catering orders + Saved 10 hrs per week

Shaunna automated 226 Holiday orders without having to talk to customers. 

The week before Thanksgiving, she downloaded the Kitchen Report and saved 10 hrs that week from doing it manually.

Want results like this too?

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