How La Promenade Bakery Saves 20 mins on Every Catering Order


  • La Promenade – Bergen County, NJ
  • Corey Payraudeau, co-owner
  • Gourmet bakery & catering company started in 1985

Biggest Pain: Getting Slammed During Holidays

Taking normal pick-up & delivery orders by hand was already time-consuming for Corey & his team.

But they really struggled during major holidays when they’d get flooded with orders.

Not being able to “scale” those orders created a HUGE bottleneck.

How La Promenade Bakery saves 20 mins on every order

Solution: Catering Policies + Calendar = Self-Service Ordering

HoneyCart lets you:

  • Automate your catering policies AND calendar
  • Take holiday orders at same time as normal delivery & pickup orders… even if you have separate holiday hours and menu

Now Corey and his team can scale hundreds of orders a month if they need to.

Result: Save 20 mins on every order

Before HoneyCart, Corey spent 5 years “hodgepodging different solutions together”:

“Everything I needed was already there, so I wish I would have found it sooner but I’m happy that I have it now.”

At 20 mins of back-n-forth for every order, Corey says him and his team wasted 672 hrs over five years!

How La Promenade Bakery saves 20 mins on every order

Want results like this too?

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