How Blackberry Market Saves 30 mins on Every Order

Here’s how Blackberry Market saves 30 mins on every order


  • Blackberry Market – Chicago, IL suburbs
  • Jack Barth, admin director
  • Fast-casual cafe, bakery & caterer open for +10 yrs with two locations

Biggest Pain: Every system failed, had to call the customer back

Blackberry tried for a long time to make catering self-service. They know most guests (esp. busy corp clients) prefer to order WITHOUT talking to someone.

But every system they tried failed. They were either too confusing to have a quick checkout or just didn’t work for catering

Staff always ended up calling the guest back 🤦‍♀️

Solution: Easy To Use + Built for Catering

Jack signed up for HoneyCart and was surprised at how simple it was for guests and staff to use.  

After he started entering his menu and policies, he was sold that it could handle their pickup & delivery catering.

Now guests don’t have to call in…and invoices, work orders, and kitchen reports are all automated for them when the order comes in.

Result: Save 30 mins on every order

Now with HoneyCart, Blackberry’s managers don’t have to take orders over the phone & write up a catering sheet for every call… 

The office manager doesn’t have to write out every catering order for the bakery, kitchen, and operations team:

I mean that’s for every order at least a  30 min process. And so, we’re looking at least a full-time weekly person.

Want results like this too?

If you want to save time and make it easy for customers to order, book a demo to see how to make HoneyCart work for your catering business.