Staff Order Management

Learn more about HoneyCart’s Staff Order Management feature.

Daily Tasks Performed by Staff

This video gives an overview of the daily tasks sales staff can perform in HoneyCart:

  • confirming orders,
  • managing payments
  • updating menus
  • adjusting the Event calendar

Auto-Assign Orders to Staff

Need to make sure online orders get sent to the person responsible for that account?

HoneyCart lets you auto-assign online orders to the right salesperson on your team:

  • Auto-assign orders when you receive them
  • Set assignments for specific customer accounts or order types (i.e corporate vs pickup)
  • Great for large catering teams transitioning to online ordering
  • Assign orders from new customers to managers for review

Mark Orders as Tax-Exempt

HoneyCart allows you to mark an order as tax-exempt.

Watch this video to see how to change an order’s tax so it’s tax-exempt.

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