Sales Tax

Learn more about HoneyCart’s sales tax feature.

How to Add Sales Tax

If you service more than one state, Honeycart can determine the correct sales tax to use based on the state that is entered for the delivery address.

Zip Code based Sales Tax

This is helpful if you operate in an area where they charge various local sales taxes (i.e city, county etc) on top of a State sales tax.

This ensures that clients are charged the exact sales tax required for their online orders based on where they live (delivery) or where they’re picking up their order:

  • Set sales tax rates based on Zip Codes
  • Show a description of the sales tax to explain how it was calculated (i.e ” 6% for State tax; 1% for City Tax, 1% for County Tax”)
  • System calculates sales tax based on Zip Code entered for the order

Mark Orders as Tax-Exempt

HoneyCart allows you to mark an order as tax-exempt.

Watch this video to see how to change an order’s tax so it’s tax-exempt.

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