Credit Card Payments

Learn more about HoneyCart’s Credit Card Payments feature.

Setup Stripe for Credit Card Payments

Learn how to setup Stripe for credit card processing in HoneyCart. Stripe charges 2.9% + $.30 per charge. HoneyCart does NOT take a rev share of this.

Delay Payment Until After The Order Is Finalized

HoneyCart lets caterers capture payment info when an order is placed online, but still be able to make changes to that order before they’re credit card is charged.

Automatic vs Manual Payments

HoneyCart lets caterers specify whether orders should be charged manually or automatically by the system.

This is helpful for caterers that have a restaurant/cafe part of their business where orders are “asap” and need to be charged automatically.

  • Credit cards can be charged Automatically or Manually (default) for orders and cancellation fees
  • For Automatic charges, you can charge “Immediately” or “X Hours before/after the Event Time”
  • If you want to charge Cancellation Fees automatically, set if they should be charged “Immediately” or “X Hours after the order is Cancelled”
  • Create different rules for different types of orders (i.e catering vs restaurant vs home-delivery etc)

Add Credit Card Fee to Orders

Automatically add a credit card processing fee to your orders in when the order is placed.

You can also change the fees on the order after it’s placed if you need to.

Charge Multiple Credit Cards on Same Order

Shows how to charge multiple credit cards to pay for the same order in HoneyCart

Accept Mixed Payments for Orders

HoneyCart now lets you accept a combination of credit card, cash and/or check on the same order.

We made a few minor changes to make this happen, but the way you process payments is still pretty much the same

Process Manual Payments in Bulk

Shows how to process multiple credit card/cash/check payments in bulk so that you don’t have to charge them each order one by one.

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