Online ordering software vs third-party sites: a comparison of two types of platforms drop-off caterers can use to set up (and automate) their catering business online.
Online Ordering Software Vs Third-party Sites: Which One is Best for Drop-Off Caterers?

For a second, take your mind back to just ten years ago.  If someone told us the catering industry would experience this near-exclusive shift to online delivery, you probably would have laughed it off, right? I never saw things moving

FoodStorm Vs HoneyCart: Which Software is Best For Drop-Off Caterer
FoodStorm Vs HoneyCart: Which One is Best For Drop-Off Caterers?

Technology is becoming more advanced each passing day.  As such, almost all industries rely on software for their day-to-day operations in one way or another.  Travel, health, hospitality, agriculture, sports, you name it. Whatever industry or subsector you can think

caterzen vs caterease: what's the best software for drop-off caterers
Caterease Vs CaterZen: Which Software is Best for Drop-off Caterers?

Whether you’re new or old to the catering business, I bet you’ve heard others recommend the use of software.  But are such recommendations in place?  Well, they are. Especially if you’re keen on taking online orders.  A piece of catering

ezCater Online Ordering System Review and a Commission-Free Alternative
ezCater Online Ordering System Review and a Commission-Free Alternative

In a recent exercise, Square collaborated with Wakefield Research to survey restaurateurs, retailers, and consumers across the U.S. In the survey, over 500 restaurant owners and managers admitted more than 62% of their revenue will come from takeout or delivery