Make online catering orders easy for your customers

Unlike other online ordering software, HoneyCart gives you full control over your catering policies, availability, lead time, billing terms and more. So your customers can easily order without calling in.

“It has been amazing to have orders come in while we are at meetings, site visits, etc knowing that normally they would have been calls or emails we would have had to deal with.”

rounded-profile-Julie-The Chefs Table
Julie Ellis,
Owner, The Chef's Table Catering - Marshfield, MA

Why most online ordering doesn’t work for catering

And why you still spend hours taking orders by hand.

Finally, an online ordering system built for catering

Ordering Optimized for Catering

Using a restaurant system for catering makes things clumsy for clients and requires lots of workarounds. We fix this.

Set Delivery & Pickup Times

Set days and times clients can choose to order for. Block off specific dates & times when you’re unavailable.

Lead Times & Policies

Prevent last-minute orders by setting the lead time you need for each order (i.e 2 hrs). Enforce cancellation fees.

Regular & Date-Specific Menus

Easily upload menus without contacting support. Set dates or days when a menu is available (i.e holidays, Taco Tuesday’s).

Normal & Holiday Orders

Take normal deliver/pickup & holiday orders at same time by setting different policies, menus, times and fees for each.

Kitchen Prep Reports

Prep & fulfill orders faster by knowing exactly how much food to make for any given date. Download spreadsheet or PDF.

Stop Taking Orders By Hand

Make ordering catering easy so clients stop calling

  • Automate your calendar & policies to prevent last-minute orders & overbooking.
  • Take Normal & Holiday catering orders at same time
  • Set dates & days when customers can order from a menu (i.e Thanksgiving, Taco Tuesday).

“Using HoneyCart makes the ordering process so much easier! My customers can see exactly what’s available on which dates and customers can book in one seamless experience.”

Elizabeth Choto,
Founder, Graze Dat Charcuterie - New Orleans, NO
Reduce Wasted Labor

Eliminate time-sucking tasks after orders come in

  • Reduce staff work to a few basic tasks.
  • Invoices created & sent automatically.
  • Self-service portal for clients.
  • Email & text alerts sent to staff and clients.

“Using HoneyCart has cut the time it takes for us to process each order dramatically versus doing it the old way. It usually took us about 15-20 minutes before, now it’s more like 5 minutes.”

Hilda Dibe,
Owner, Nicholas Restaurant - Portland, OR
Kitchen Prep Reports

Download kitchen prep reports in two clicks

  • See exactly how much food to prep for any given date.
  • See breakdown for each client.
  • Includes Packing lists for each order.

“We used to manually create spreadsheets to figure out what food to prepare. Now, with HoneyCart, it’s all in one place.”

Shaunna Witt,
Co-Owner, Witt Pit BBQ & Catering - Rosenberg, TX

HoneyCart is ideal for you if…

If you can use Gmail, you can use HoneyCart

You don’t need to be computer-savvy to use HoneyCart.

“My typical corporate admin clients have no problems placing orders. For catering admins, there’s no special training required after you show them 1-2 times.”

Lisa Elder,
Owner, Culinary WAVE Catering - Denver, CO

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee to make your catering orders 100% self-service. If you aren’t happy within 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund.

Stop taking orders by hand.

Start taking orders with HoneyCart.