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HoneyCart helps top caterers across the US save at least 20 minutes of manual work on every order they process.

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    Fix The 5 Biggest Bottlenecks That Slow Your Catering Business Down

    Trusted by Leading Caterers & Top Brands Across the US

    Features like lead times, blackout dates and being able to charge cards later are designed for catering.”

    Abbey Duke
    Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap

    Free Your Staff From Being Order Takers

    Ordering Optimized for Catering

    You need a system for catering makes things clumsy for clients and requires too many workarounds. HoneyCart fixes this.

    Lead Times

    Prevent last-minute orders by setting the lead time you need for each order (i.e 2 hours, 48 hours, day before by 5PM).

    Collect & Store Credit Cards

    Capture cards when order is placed, store them safely for future orders. Charge cards manually or automatically. Charge deposits.

    Standard & Seasonal Menus

    Min. quantities, option choices & prevent special requests as needed. Set dates when a menu is available (i.e holidays, Taco Tuesday’s).

    Automatically Enforce Your Policies

    Automate your catering policies to prevent last-minute changes and enforce late-cancellation fees.

    Self-Service Changes & Cancellations

    Give clients a self-service login to change & cancel orders, view billing history and manage payment options.

    Set Delivery & Pickup Times

    Set days and times clients can choose to order for. Block off specific dates & times when you’re unavailable.

    Generate Kitchen Reports Easily

    Prep & fulfill orders faster by knowing exactly how much food to prepare for any given date. Available as spreadsheet or PDF.

    Loyalty Rewards & Amazon Gift Cards

    Drive repeat business by letting clients earn rewards they can use for Amazon Gift Cards and future orders.

    “HoneyCart automates mundane tasks to allow us to use our time as efficiently as possible”

    Abbey Duke,
    Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap

    Boost Productivity & Increase Profits

    Streamline the entire drop-off catering process to save time & make more money. 

    100% Control Over Menus

    Why pay someone to take $200 catering orders?

    HoneyCart automates the manual work involved with catering orders so you can free your staff from being order takers:

    • Block Orders that are past your cut-off time.
    • Allow clients to choose ONLY the dates/time you can fulfill orders.
    • Self-service login for clients to make changes.
    • Store credit cards and charge them only when you’re ready

    Edit menus yourself & choose when to display them

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    Lead Time & Catering Policies

    Give Clients An Easy Way To Order.

    Let busy clients see the exact dates & times you’re available, choose what they want & submit their credit card in one seamless experience.

    Automate your lead times and policies

    “It has been amazing to have orders come in while we are at meetings, site visits, etc knowing that normally they would have been calls or emails we would have had to deal with.”

    rounded-profile-Julie-The Chefs Table
    Julie Ellis,
    Owner, The Chef's Table
    Set Delivery & Pickup Times

    Free Up Time To Focus on Weddings & Events.

    Make your menus self-service, “automate” your policies into the ordering process, collect credit cards up-front and send email confirmations automatically.

    Set the times clients can place orders for

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    “The time I spent processing orders has been cut by over 80% and it’s been such a relief and help to have more time on my hands.”

    Elizabeth Choto,
    Founder, Graze Dat Catering
    Client Self-Service login

    Make Short-Handed Staff More Productive.

    Accept orders while you’re in meetings or out of the office. Avoid hiring and training new staff. Reduce manual work for your sales, kitchen & accounting teams.

    Let clients login to make changes on their own

    “HoneyCart helped us get about 18 more catering orders per week.”
    Hilda Dibe,
    Owner, Nicholas Restaurant
    Collect & Store Credit Cards

    Store credit cards and charge them only when you're ready

    • Capture cards when order is placed, store them safely for refunds & future orders.
    • Option to charge cards manually to allow staff to confirm orders after they’re placed.
    • Option to charge cards automatically before or after the event.

    Store cards safely & decide when to charge them

    “HoneyCart automates mundane tasks to allow us to use our time as efficiently as possible.”

    Abbey Duke,
    Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap

    Every other system seemed to be very restaurant-driven, like, "Hey, I want a burrito, and I need it in 30 minutes," whereas catering is a very different process, and I needed the option to select days and times and then, even more so, the option to approve an order.

    [So, another reason HoneyCart] made sense for us was the fact that I could pick times that things were available for.

    Jim Lenz
    Co-owner, Two Unique Catering

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    HoneyCart is 95% cheaper than hiring, includes a money-back guarantee and you'll be ready to take orders in 48 hrs.