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We’ve helped members of the Leading Caterers of America®, International Caterers Association® and top brands across the US streamline their ordering process, and:

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"Honeycart has proven to be a valuable tool for our organization. As we've continued to grow, the software has allowed us to remove hours of administration time from the weekly schedule to focus more on developing new menus and serving more clients."
Mike Marcus
Box Lunch Coordinator,
Thelma's Kitchen
Kansas City, MO
"Without a doubt, using HoneyCart definitely saves staff time. Time, in any business, is always money. The system lets the client drive and do all of the work. We simply review and approve. This was one hourly person's entire job."
Jim Lenz
Co-Owner, Two Unique Catering
Detroit, MI
“Using HoneyCart has cut the time it takes for us to process each order dramatically versus doing it the old way. It usually took us about 15-20 minutes before, now it’s more like 5 minutes.”
Hilda Dibe
Owner, Nicholas Restaurant
Portland, OR
“HoneyCart is really the best investment we made. The cost can be made back in as little as one order. So no more giving up any commission to third parties for EACH order.”
Linda Estrada
Founder, My Taco Guy Catering
Los Angeles, CA
"We gave HoneyCart a try and found it was really easy to implement. Our customers liked how intuitive it was. It has features like lead times, blackout dates and being able to charge cards later designed specifically for catering."
Abbey Duke
Founder & CEO, Sugarsnap Catering
South Burlington,VT
"It has been a rewarding pleasure working with the trustworthy team at HoneyCart who are diligently working to build and maintain a user-friendly online ordering software catered to caterers."
Jessica Nguyen
Kaspars Catering
Seattle, WA

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