What is HoneyCart?

HoneyCart is an online ordering system for drop-off catering that you put on your website:
  • Have full control over your menus, policies, customers and the ordering process.
  • No third-party sites to deal with.
  • No commissions.

The Story behind HoneyCart

In the summer of 2018, after meeting a few caterers in the DC area, we noticed very few of them offered an easy way to order corporate drop-off online.

Since our previous software startup specialized in online booking, we had a gut-feeling this could be a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to apply our skills to the catering industry.

After interviewing a few dozen caterers, we learned that:

  • 3rd-party websites were making a killing by letting people order from local caterers through their site, and then charging them crazy commissions for each order
  • The traditional way of ordering required too much back and forth over phone and email with customers
  • Some caterers built their own online ordering systems, but stopped using them because they weren’t happy with how they turned out

We started building HoneyCart soon after with the mission of leveling the playing field for small business caterers.

Our goal is to help caterers offer their customers the same convenience of online ordering that bigger companies use to streamline operations and grow sales.

More importantly, we believe caterers should have 100% control over the ordering process WITHOUT paying high commissions.


Use HoneyCart if you want to…

Free up time to focus on higher value tasks

  • Capture sales faster
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Offer online ordering without paying commissions for every order, or building your own system from scratch


Ready to Learn More?

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